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Memory Verse
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Ten Reasons to Memorize Big Chunks of the Bible

by Jon Bloom – You can memorize big chunks, even books, of the Bible. Unless you’re part of the very small percentage of us who suffer from a traumatic brain injury or stroke or disability, you really can. And you should. But why should you? 1. Because you have a bad memory. Don’t say you… Keep Reading

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Examine Yourself

If sin and unrighteousness characterize your life, there is a possibility you are a disobedient Christian—but there is a greater possibility you are not a Christian at all. John MacArthur Keep Reading

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Can a Christian Lose Salvation?

by Adrian Warnock – Can I be sure I am going to Heaven? In one of my recent articles, a pastor from the 1600s offered the suffering Christian the encouragement that whatever they are suffering here on earth is “all the hell you shall ever know.” A commentator on that post asked “Can a Christian… Keep Reading

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