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May 2019

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The Faithful Church

by Darryl Dash – It looked like the church would die. The charts showed decades of decline. The roof was leaking, the congregation aging, and the former pastor had left in a scandal. The neighborhood was undesirable. There were a few bright spots, but you had to use your imagination to see them. The odds… Keep Reading

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Is a Plurality of Elders Necessary in the Local Church?

by Josh Buice – Is it absolutely necessary for the freedom and vitality of the United States for a president to lead the people? While there may be many opinions on that very subject, it would not be necessary for our nation to be led by a president. If our nation decided to change the… Keep Reading

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Four Practical Reasons for Small Groups

by Rick Warren – We may attract attenders through preaching, but disciples are made in small groups. When you’re leading a campaign, like 40 Days of Prayer, or anytime in the future as you lead your congregation toward a deeper relationship with Jesus, you’ll want to explain to your members why small groups are so… Keep Reading

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